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Working Through Crisis Together

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Resources, Support, and Guidance For Those in Need

Mountain Safe aims to create a stronger Eagle County by reducing crime and violence, decreasing recidivism, and advocating for victims by connecting our citizens to the necessary resources and expertise. With personalized pathways, visionary thinking, and a commitment to measurable outcomes, we ignite the belief that success and change are within reach.

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When you reach out to Mountain Safe Response for help in a crisis, you will receive a phone call or email directly from our specially trained “Navigator” within 24-48 hours. This conversation will include collecting basic demographic information, an empathetic assessment of your needs, consent to build a team to help you succeed, and referral to necessary community resources and expertise. The Mountain Safe Response promise is to work through crises together to create tangible, meaningful, and lasting change by lifting you to a better future.

Domestic Violence

Bright Future Foundation

Advocates, trained in the dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault, safety planning, and access to community resources, provide confidential support and referral services to individuals and families.

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Youth Services

Mountain Youth

Mountain Youth provides substance use prevention, safe driving education, youth advocacy and parent education throughout the Eagle River Valley.

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Anger Management

Mountain Safe

Intervention plans are available for individuals charged with conflict-related offenses or whose aggressive and associated behavioral disorders are impacting their families and the community at large. Plans identify the most effective combination of resources for a targeted response to anger management.

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Housing, Food, Clothing

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army works with organizations in terms of referrals to our organization as well as referrals to our clients in addressing ongoing needs. A continuation plan is formulated with the hopes of a family becoming self-sufficient in the future.

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Substance Abuse

Mountain Safe

Mountain Safe will coordinate referrals to those who need substance abuse intervention. 

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Mental Health

Your Hope Center

Your Hope Center provides services aimed at supporting individuals and families facing challenges. Services may include counseling, support groups, crisis intervention, advocacy, and resource referrals.

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Suicide Prevention

SpeakUp ReachOut

I Need To Talk To Someone

Moving through challenges takes hope and a desire for something better. As the path ahead twists and turns, our network of trained professionals are ready to walk by your side. Call 1 (844) 493-8255, anytime, day or night.

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Victim Assistance

Eagle County Sheriff's Office

Victim advocates champion the rights of individuals affected by crime and trauma, offering a range of support services. These services encompass safety measures, crisis intervention, legal assistance, advocacy for children, financial compensation and more.

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Unlock new opportunities by partnering with Mountain Safe. We are committed to enriching Eagle County and collaborating with entities that seek to provide resources, counseling, and aid. Together, we can combine our strengths to make a positive impact on our community. Complete the form below and our team will be in touch.

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